How to begin your decarbonization journey

CUTRIC follows 10 basic steps to help organizations reach their decarbonization and climate action plan goals.

Consultation Sessions:

CUTRIC specializes in collecting and analysing data gathered during consultation sessions dedicated to gaining industry and stakeholder insights into low-carbon smart mobility. Focus group consultation contracts that CUTRIC has completed recently include Transport Canada-funded rail innovation consultation sessions for generating Top 10 Rail Innovation Projects across Canada; a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Electric Fleet Best Practices consultation session focusing on transit electrification opportunities, challenges and solutions; and Toronto Region Board of Trade SWOT & PESTEL consultation sessions focusing on strategic opportunities and challenges associated with autonomous and connected vehicles in Toronto.

CUTRIC welcomes new consultation contracts. 

Please contact our Project Manager with your requests:
Parvathy Pillai: Project Manager: ZEB Simulation & Commercialization ([email protected])

Tell us about your project or project needs and our consulting team will set up a meeting with you.