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St Johns Transit

St. John’s Zero Emission Bus Implementation and Rollout Plan

In 2022, CUTRIC was contracted by the St. John’s Transportation Commission to conduct a feasibility analysis for Metrobus Transit. This analysis, named the St. John’s Transportation Commission (SJTC) Full Fleet Zero Emissions Bus (ZEB) Implementation/Rollout Planning Project, aims to evaluate the suitability and performance of ZEBs in meeting the service requirements of SJTC under various operational conditions.


As part of their commitment to combating climate change, the City of St. John’s declared a climate emergency in November 2019. They have set a target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. In line with this goal, the city released its climate action plan, known as the Resilient St. John’s Community Climate Plan, in 2022. This plan lays out a 30-year energy transition pathway with 5-year implementation strategies, focusing on shifting the municipality away from fossil fuels towards an energy-efficient and renewable energy-powered future.


Metrobus Transit is a public transit service that operates in St. John’s, Mount Pearl, and Paradise in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). It has been providing transportation services since 1958, operating 24 fixed-transit routes and serving more than three million passengers annually within its service area [1]. The Metrobus fleet currently consists of 50 active diesel buses.


This $200 000 project is partially funded by Infrastructure Canada through the Zero Emission Transit Fund. 


The project is scheduled to be completed in early 2024.


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