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Saskatoon Transit Low Carbon Transition Plan

The City of Saskatoon has set ambitious climate goals, as outlined in its Climate Action Plan. The city is committed to reducing emissions by 80% below the 2014 baseline by 2050, covering both the community and its own operations. To achieve this, they have established an interim target of 15% reduction for the community and 40% reduction for the city by 2023.


Recognizing the significant role transit plays in the city’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, Saskatoon Transit has set a goal of electrifying its entire fleet by 2030. CUTRIC was contracted to conduct a low carbon transit transition plan for the agency.


CUTRIC is privileged to collaborate with Saskatoon Transit in supporting the city’s transition to a zero-emission solution for its transit fleet. This partnership will not only contribute to reducing emissions but also help Saskatoon Transit develop a robust, resilient, and integrated transportation system for the entire community.


The $420 000 project will deliver a preparation of a comprehensive, full fleet, and low carbon fleet  ransition plan in five (5) phases. These phases focus on the economic, technological, and environmental, benefits, risks, and constraints associated with the transition to a low carbon fleet of vehicles. The project is funded through the Zero Emission Transit Fund.


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