Rail Innovation Focus Group

Initiative Summary:

The Rail Innovation Focus Group, funded by Transport Canada, was initiated to perform a scan of locomotive and rail technologies that support innovative greenhouse gas emissions reductions and mobility improvements across Canada’s rail sector. The rail sector is critical to Canada’s transportation network. New technologies could enable the nation’s rail networks to become safer, cleaner, and more efficient. 

In order to influence future research and development investments by Transport Canada, a series of informed consultative focus group sessions were performed for Transport Canada to provide innovative research ideas for technology development and application. The initiative is focused on clarifying technology opportunities across the following themes:

  1. Alternative Propulsion
  2. Energy Efficiency 
  3. Alternative Materials
  4. Operational Optimization and Integrated Mobility

The Objective of the initiative is to identify the top ten rail innovation projects which would spur innovation and improve the environmental sustainability and commercial potential of Canada’s rail sector. 

Initiative Leads: 

Dr. Josipa Petrunic – Executive Director & CEO
Dr. Yutian Zhao – Modeller & Data Scientist

Funded By:

Transport Canada