Pan-Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Demonstration & Integration Trial: Phase I

The Pan-Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Demonstration and Integration Trial: Phase I is a national, multi-year project that supports the development of hydrogen fuel cell (HFCs) technologies for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

The project will deploy and demonstrate on-road the feasibility of at least 10 fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) and one Class 8 fuel cell truck employing the participation of  transit agencies, OEMs, research and academic organizations along with the support from municipal, provincial and federal governments. This project intends to deploy, demonstrate and integrate FCEBs for full life operation and supports the municipal/corporate plans on FCEB engagement, aids in route selection, locating fuelling stations and in designing fuel supply networks.

IP and Research Outcomes:

  1. Effects of seasonal changes on FCEB efficiency and cost, as well as impacts on bus operation, storage, and efficiency.
  2. Assessment and validation of operational performance and maintenance intervals, with additional monitoring for the performance degradation of FCEB fuel cells.
  3. Predictively model the performance of FCEBs along various transit routes with diverse topographical features, passengers, and fuelling needs.
  4. Conducting a needs and gap analysis of Canadian Standards for Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Vehicles, Fuelling & Storage and investigating the policy level red tapes that need to be navigated to make hydrogen technology integration feasible in Canada.
  5. Optimization of hydrogen cost reduction strategies for transit agencies and integration of distributed hydrogen production.

Project Lead:
Aditya Ramesh – Project Manager: Electric Bus and Coach Bus

Industry Stakeholders

New Flyer Industries Ballard Power Systems Inc. Carlsun 7GFUEL Hydrogenics Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Champion Municipal Stakeholder


Observer Municipal Stakeholders

National Academic Advisory Committee

York University Centennial College Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)