National Smart Vehicle Demonstration and Integration Trial

The National Smart Vehicle Demonstration and Integration Trial aims to standardize technologies so that systems from different manufacturers can work together. We will find out how transit systems can make their operations autonomous but cooperative.

We addressed the challenge of high capital costs by developing an innovative model for joint ventures involving public and private financing.

We will develop standard technology to:

  • Coordinate short-range communication;
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-base;
  • Increase cybersecurity;
  • Create common, automated charging systems; and
  • Develop software to manage across fleet

The driverless mini-shuttles required are automated and digitally controlled. We will also design new public-private partnerships to support advances in:

  • Finance, supply, maintenance, and operation of the smart vehicles,
  • Roadside infrastructure; and
  • Long-term management of multi-manufacturer fleets.

Intellectual Property and Research Outcomes 

We recruited six universities and colleges for our National Academic Committee for Smart Vehicles for research related to alternate transit systems, including cybersecurity, performance, design, and consumer acceptance. We expect outcomes that:

  • Visualize how low-speed, electric shuttles work in public transit to provide service for travel between a person’s home and a transit hub;
  • Provide effective cybersecurity across vehicles and infrastructure; and
  • Design standards for harmonized charging systems and single-fleet operating systems across manufacturers;
  • Assess the hackability of these vehicles to ensure they are safe for Canadians to ride on.

Project Lead: Dr. Elnaz Abotalebi ([email protected])

Industry Members

Transit Members

Brampton Transit Durham Region Transit Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) Le Service de Transport en Commun de Trois-Rivières York Region Transit

Post-Secondary Partners

Carleton University Queen’s University University of Calgary University of Toronto University of Windsor