ACES Big Data Trust for Data-Driven Mobility Innovation

The ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared) Big Data Trust for Data Driven Mobility Innovation is a global-first initiative to enable transit and mobility systems across Canada to contribute data to a trust accessible to public and private sector partners in real time.

This is the first instance in which transit data from multiple municipal sources is being streamed into one legally, and cyber-secured, repository. The anonymized and aggregated data can be leveraged to:

  • Improve operations and public transit and mobility access in general by sharing best practices
  • Transition transit and transportation sector fleets towards zero-emission mobility platforms
  • Provide smaller transit agencies with resources they would not have access to otherwise
  • Make better use of public funds
  • Develop low-carbon smart-mobility intellectual property (IP) that will form the digital backbone of smart cities
  • Stimulate industrial growth by supporting the development of data-driven software solutions for cities, transit agencies and OEMs to support the optimization of ACES mobility systems and – eventually – truck applications.

The ACES Big Data Trust will enable and promote data sharing among:

  • ACES systems and data owners such as transit agencies, cities and utilities
  • Data enhancers, such as private-sector companies refining data, and data consumers including other transit agencies, utilities and mobility service providers

Core goals for the project

  • To establish a legally-sound repository under the public stewardship of a non-profit to house and share data on ACES systems
  • Develop CloudTransit™ for cloud-based data storage and analysis of real-time data from ACES systems and to enable city-to-city data sharing
  • To support the data-driven transition to and procurement of ACES systems for transit agencies and cities
  • To develop IP that would support the operations of and modal shift towards public transit.
  • To support the realization of the Federal Government’s goal of deploying 5000 ZEBs by 2024.

Innovative aspects of the trial

  • First of its kind globally
  • Providing a digital backbone for smart cities

Intellectual Property and Research Outcomes

In order to support the development of the data trust, the project also involves the development of clean technology demonstrators from CUTRIC’s industry members in the rail, electric vehicle and energy sectors. Streaming their data into the proposed data trust would enable them to optimize their platforms and have a larger impact on carbon footprint reduction and commercialization potential.

Project Managers

Grace Reilly ([email protected]) and Daniel Tse ([email protected])

Industry Partners