ACES Big Data Trust

The ACES Big Data Trust offers the next-level of analysis for electric mobility in public transportation. CUTRIC’s national real-time analysis of e-bus performance, charging patterns, energy and electricity loads, and energy intensity will help cities and transit agencies make empirically-sound deployment choices.

The ACES Big Data Trust allows cities and transit agencies to engage in rapid and meaningful preventive measures in the future to support the robust deployment and effective integration of electric bus energy systems across Canada.

As more and more electric buses and their supporting energy systems are deployed across Canada, large quantities of data can be generated from onboard and on-infrastructure logging devices and telemetry systems. This big data set can be analysed in real-time and packaged in ways that support machine-generated and artificially intelligent responses and decision-making outcomes for Canadian transit agencies, e-bus and e-charger manufacturers, utilities and systems integrators.

As more and more public and private enterprises target smart mobility and zero carbon mobility systems nation-wide, organizations will be keen to generate, access, comprehend and effectively utilize the opportunities created by copious amounts of integrated, standardized and analytical data streams emanating from transit systems and their allied first-kilometer/last-kilometer solution providers.

The ACES Big Data Trust will offer CUTRIC Members valuable insights into the many parameters associated with vehicle operations, performance, ridership, energy consumption and charging levels. This will support a data-driven and evidence-backed transition to zero emission mobility solutions for Canadians everywhere and it will enable cities in developing smarter infrastructure for smarter cities in the future.

Project Lead:

Aditya Ramesh – Project Manager: Electric Bus and Coach Bus
(aditya[at][email protected])