By joining CUTRIC, your organization becomes part of a network representing the collective interests of the zero-emission and autonomous vehicle industry. To see Members Rights, Benefits and Obligations please click here.

Business Development and Networking – Members enjoy discounts on products, services and events.

  • Access to Members-only technical sessions and project planning workshops with transit agencies and cities focused on low-carbon smart mobility commercialization projects
  • Access to CUTRIC’s Annual Membership Directory containing detailed Member Designate contact information 
  • Access to sponsorship opportunities for nationally-profiled events, which include dedicated keynote and key panel speaking opportunities
  • Discounted rates for CUTRIC’s nationally-profiled conferences and webinars, including first-offering for sponsorship, keynote and panel-speaking opportunities prior to non-members
  • Access to introductions to specific members to inform other members of new technologies and collaborative opportunities

Learning and Resources – CUTRIC produces research reports and exclusive webinars/sessions with our project partners to present research and new technologies.

  • Access to all CUTRIC consultation reports from Members-only technical planning sessions, including CUTRIC-CRITUC Low Carbon Smart Mobility Knowledge Series on electric bus, hydrogen fuel cell bus and connected and autonomous shuttle technologies.
  • Receipt of up-to-date and dynamic education on new technologies in low carbon smart mobility that cities may seek to procure and integrate into their mobility systems in the future
  • Access to strategic insights into the ongoing research emanating from CUTRIC-funded zero-emissions bus (ZEB) and smart vehicle research with more than two dozen universities and colleges across Canada, as captured in CUTRIC’s National Academic Committees (NACs). 

Advocacy and Dialogue – CUTRIC represents the interests of its members through targeted meetings with key decision makers in government at the federal, provincial and local levels, and members can participate in many of these meetings.

  • Participation in the formation of CUTRIC’s annual and quarterly lobby messages, as relevant, at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. 
  • Facilitated exposure to Ministers and senior decision-makers in government within project-specific Lobby Day efforts in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and federally on a regular and annual basis.

Consulting Services – CUTRIC provides high quality research and consulting services including:

  • Predictive ZEB Performance Modelling: Robust and in-depth electrification performance assessments and guidance plans based on physics-based simulations for transit agencies and municipalities considering ZEB technologies (such as battery electric buses (BEBs), hydrogen fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) and autonomous electric low-speed shuttles (e-LSAs or “smart shuttles”) to support procurements and deployment. This modelling work considers specific service areas, topographical conditions, service schedules, ridership and vehicle configurations.
  • Predictive Infrastructure Modelling: Robust GIS-based analyses of transit routes, transit schedules, and transit congestion, as well as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) cluster analyses to support cities in determining where heavy-duty and light-duty EV charging stations should be installed for both transit and car transport electrification.
  • Empirical Validation: High-quality empirical analyses of ZEB and smart shuttle operational data and validation of predictive models.
  • Literature Reviews, Market Research, SWOT & PESTLE Analyses: Sophisticated industry and technology-based research studies including literature reviews, market scans, interview-based studies, focus group studies, technical consultation studies, as well as SWOT and PESTLE analyses. CUTRIC also develops business case analyses for clients exploring ZEB technologies.
  • Funding Proposal Preparation: High-quality proposal preparation on behalf of CUTRIC members, including support in the development of co-bids/co-submissions to public tenders that involve CUTRIC’s simulation tools with consulting partners within the consortium. CUTRIC can operate as a sub-contractor/sub-consultant or as a principal lead in a bidding process associated with ZEB or smart shuttle analyses, predictive or empirical research, or roll-out plans for cities. 
    • CUTRIC also leads major consortium-wide funding bids, solicited and unsolicited, such as the 2017 Low-Carbon Smart Mobility Supercluster Initiative, 2016-2018 TransLink-York Region-Brampton Electric Vehicle Innovation and Demonstration Proposal, and upcoming funding bids for the consortium’s ACES Big Data Trust Proposal.

Project Development – CUTRIC delivers high quality program management for the development and successful launch of demonstration projects and supports stakeholders throughout the total life of the project.

  • Participation in the formation of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) specifications for the Pan-Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstration & Integration Trial (ongoing). [Participation does not grant a right to be incorporated as a necessary vendor or product provider.]
  • Participation in the formation of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) specifications for the National Smart Vehicle Project (ongoing). [Participation does not grant a right to be incorporated as a necessary vendor or product provider.]
  • Participation in the formation of a National Joint Procurement Strategy and allied Public-Private-Partnership (P3) and/or financing mechanism to support mass joint procurement across Canada. [Participation does not grant a right to be incorporated as a necessary vendor or product provider.]
  • Support for the development of novel business plans in the form of Innovation P3© models which detail a strategy for asset acquisition, operations and maintenance as well as financing (with possible design and build components) to support upfront capital investments and long-term operations of low carbon smart-mobility commercialization and deployments projects nationwide
  • Access to CUTRIC’s National Power Providers Transit Electrification Working Group (PPWG) to enable the widespread development, design, launch and integration of high- and low-powered standardized electric transit bus services across Canada, as well as hydrogen fuel cell electric transit bus services, within relevant regulatory frameworks and empirically-driven electricity market solutions offered by the sector.  [wherein Utility Members of CUTRIC benefit from the additional Charter right to vote on PPWG voting matters, per the PPWG Charter]. 
    • Engagement in collective discussions regarding the role of regulators and legislators in framing and shaping the electricity sector in the near- and long-term future to support effective, low-cost and fair electrified transit and transportation systems integration