Membership Rates

Membership is valid from January 1 – December 31 of each calendar year. Membership applies to the parent company and includes global representation.


Industry Members can engage directly in project development and business development in CUTRIC commercialization projects. CUTRIC facilitates project management and pursues funding support through competitive and unsolicited bids on behalf of its Members.

Fees are based on number of global employees.


Consultancy & Construction Members support CUTRIC’s “Innovation P3” effort and/or allied strategic planning around financing of e-buses, fuel cell buses, or smart vehicles in the future.  Members that wish to support IP development or obtain sales of products or services within a given project will be classified as traditional “Industry” partners. 

Fees are based on number of global employees.

Transit Agencies

Transit Agency Members can participate in all CUTRIC projects, including the commercialization trials, where Transit Agencies champion the implementation of innovative technologies and share the learnings with CUTRIC’s full support and project management. Transit Agencies also learn and compare the costs and benefits of alternative propulsion technology for fleets depending on individual Transit Agency conditions through CUTRIC’s RoutΣ.i tool.

Fees are based on the number of vehicles in operation (all modes of transportation including conventional, trolleys, streetcars, and specialized)


Utility Members can influence and engage in CUTRIC’s National Power Providers Transit Electrification Working Group (PPWG). CUTRIC acts as a voice for utilities to stakeholders such as standardization committees outside of CUTRIC to ensure that the utility feedback and perspectives are always incorporated in low carbon smart mobility (LCSM) technology decision making.

Fees are based on number of customers.


Based on total number of student (full-time and part-time)

Government Agencies