Smart Rail Innovation Program 2022-2025

To contribute to climate change through the transportation innovations and initiatives, CUTRIC has expanded its areas of technological expertise to increase the potential value to iniate rail innovation projects. We want to hear from our rail industry experts on how we can further contribute to innovative rail projects in Canada.

ACES Big Data Trust for Data-Driven Mobility Innovation

The ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared) Big Data Trust for Data Driven Mobility Innovation is a global-first initiative to enable transit and mobility systems across Canada to contribute data to a trust accessible to public and private sector partners in real time.

This is the first instance in which transit data from multiple municipal sources is being streamed into one legally, and cyber…

National Smart Vehicle Demonstration & Integration Trial

The National Smart Vehicle Joint Procurement Initiative aims to standardize and deploy electric low-speed automated shuttle (e-LSA) technologies so that systems from different manufacturers can be autonomous, but cooperative at the same time.

The project will deploy e-LSAs across multiple Canadian cities to achieve shared mobility applications for transit agencies and airport authorities.