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Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium
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London Transit Zero Emission Bus Rollout Plan


CUTRIC used its advanced RoutΣ.i™ 3.0 modelling toolset to conduct a comprehensive full-fleet and highly comprehensive ZEB implementation planning for London Transit Commission to facilitate its seamless energy transition. CUTRIC’s analyses included the technological feasibility assessment, optimization of asset utilization, schedule refinement, economic assessment considering capital and operational expenditures, lifecycle emission reduction assessment, social equity, and political landscape considerations.  


Based on CUTRIC’s recommendations and research, LTC is able to receive a full implementation roadmap which will help LTC meet its climate action plans and implement their full fleet electrification plan as well as outline all the implications associated with fleet electrification.



CUTRIC is working with London Transit and Burlington Transit on a joint procurement initiative to support the capital funding and supply of zero emission buses, power supply services and infrastructure development.



This $800 000 project is partically funded by Infrastructure Canada through the Zero Emission Transit Fund. 





About London Transit

London Transit Commission (LTC) serves more than 400,000 residents of London, Ontario. It operates almost 200 vehicles during a typical weekday and covers more than 13 million kilometers each year along 35 routes. LTC has shown interest in fleet electrification in recent years, commissioning feasibility and planning studies. It expects to provide this clean transportation option for London’s transit riders in the near future while achieving related economic benefits. 


As part of CUTZEB Round 1 LTC seeks to procure ten BEBs and in depot and on route chargers.


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