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Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium
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Canadian ZEB Database™ Zero-Emissions Bus Landscape and Transitioning Readiness Report #4

Discover the future of sustainable transit with the Canadian ZEB Database™ Zero-Emissions Bus Landscape and Transitioning Readiness Report #4. Dive into a wealth of data and insights that illuminate the potential and progress of zero-emission buses (ZEBs) across Canada. From detailed analyses of ZEB deployment to comprehensive breakdowns of infrastructure, this report offers a holistic view of Canada’s transition to eco-friendly transit systems.

Key Highlights:

1.   ZEB deployment trends:
Explore how ZEBS are being integrated into existing transit systems across Canada. The report provides the timeline and progress of adoption, highlighting provinces and territories leading the way. Discover the trends in ZEB adoption according to powertrain technologies (Battery electric buses (BEBs), Fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) and Renewable-compressed natural gas (R-CNG) buses).  Determine whether Canada is on course to meet the government’s target of deploying 5,000 ZEBs by 2026.
2.   Infrastructure mapping:
Get an in-depth look at charging stations, charger types, charging locations and other critical fuelling and charging infrastructure supporting ZEBs. Understand the factors and opportunities in building a robust charging and fuelling network.
3.   Challenges faced and lessons learned:
Learn the challenges faced by transit agencies in adopting ZEBs and the valuable lessons learned. Examine reasons behind transit agencies with no zero emissions plans.
4.   Funding and procurement mechanisms:
Discover municipal, provincial and federal funding mechanisms being utilized by transit agencies to procure ZEBs and allied infrastructure. Explore procurement strategies being employed such as public bids and tenders, and joint procurement.
Whether you’re a policymaker shaping the future of transportation, an industry professional driving innovation, or a sustainability enthusiast advocating for change, explore the Canadian ZEB Database Report today and join the movement toward cleaner, greener mobility. Together, we can create a more sustainable and resilient transit system for generations to come.
Key findings: 
  • As of January 31, 2024, the count of zero emissions buses (ZEBs) stands at 4,945, marking an eight percent decrease from Report #3 in 2023. Among these, battery electric buses (BEBs) make up 4,845, while fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) make up 100.

  • There is a decrease in the number of BEBs in five provinces/territories, an increase of BEBs in three provinces/territories and stagnation in three provinces/territories, while three provinces/ territories have no zero-emissions transitioning plans.

  • There is a decrease in the number of ZEBs in the initial stages from pronouncement to funding, while there is an increase in the later stages from procurement to in-service.

  • Transit agencies cite challenges in adopting ZEBs such as high procurement costs, poor bus performance, limited workforce capacity and capacity restraints at transit facilities.