Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium
Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium
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Funded R&D Projects

Ontario Research & Development Ministry of Econonmic Development, Job Creation and Trade (MEDJCT) Projects

In 2016, CUTRIC was awarded a C$10 million contribution agreement with the Government of Ontario to fund low-carbon smart mobility research. The objective of the four-year agreement was to bring research and innovation to the forefront of Ontario, partnering industry with academia to create jobs, spur innovation and clean technology commercialization. Due to COVID delays, the program deliverables were extended to 2022. 


The Projects supported auto, transit and “convergence” projects in smart and zero carbon mobility innovation for commercialization implementation. As a result, CUTRIC funded a total of 37 projects. 


Of those projects, 160 highly qualified personnel positions (i.e. “jobs”) were created and 254 industry members and 33 academic institutions received funding support for innovation.