Empty hydrogen strategies in transportation sector: a plan without projects

There is no lack of demand for hydrogen in Canada’s transit network, but there is a lack of provincial support for the kind of fuel needed to power public mobility. Without initial hydrogen bus deployments, the domestic volume of demand for green hydrogen in transportation will not grow rapidly enough to enable natural market forces to support competitive pricing wars, writes Dr. Josipa Petrunić, the president and CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium.

Petrunić and Crombie: How Mississauga can help lead Canada’s transition to low-carbon hydrogen

Mississauga and the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium have already taken steps to develop a first-of-its-kind pilot project that would see 10 hydrogen FCEBs introduced to their MiWay fleet and help the city get one step closer to decarbonizing its bus system. This pilot will kick-start the development of Canada’s first local hydrogen ecosystem, capitalizing on a national network of manufacturing, production, knowledge innovation, and design.

Markham pilots 1st autonomous shuttle initiative in York Region

crowd watches conference

The mass adoption of electrified transit and charging infrastructure is right around the corner and policymakers, academics, and engineers are all interested in roll-out plans, lessons learned from past attempts, and future opportunities for zero-emission mass transit and smart rail systems.   The upcoming Low Carbon Smart Mobility and Smart Rail Conference provide industry leaders […]