Webinar: Electrify the Road Ahead- Unveiling CUTRIC’s EBus Phase Two Journey

Dive into the successful evolution from Phase 1, highlighting the proven interoperability of electric buses. Explore valuable insights from Phase 1’s lessons learned and get an exclusive preview of upcoming members-only consultations. Discover the advantages of CUTRIC membership and actively contribute to shaping the future of sustainable mobility during a brief Q&A. Don’t miss this […]

Webinar: High Frequency Rail vs. High Speed Rail Focus in Canada

As part of CUTRIC’s first Episode of our Inaugural Webinar Series, join us for a discussion on High Speed vs High Frequency Rail.   Canada’s rail infrastructure is a vital component of its transportation network, connecting vast regions and facilitating the movement of goods and people. However, as the nation’s demands and expectations evolve, so […]

Rail Innovation Session – Cybersecurity in Rail Operations in Canada

Cyber threats in the transportation sector are many and complex and cybersecurity is only as strong as the weakest link. Despite escalating cyber risks, many rail operators struggle to maintain the latest cyber measures to protect their systems, assets and passengers. As technological solutions continue to be implemented by rail operators for improved service management, […]

Rail Innovation Session – Autonomous Rail Crossings

Within the world of transportation, a lot is happening in the automation of vehicles and ultimately making the vehicles autonomous. The automation process started from cruise control and driver assistance systems to auto-pilot and, in the future, complete driverless systems. Autonomous freight and passenger trains are no different and have been operating in Canada for […]