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ZEB Committee #9 2024: Exploring Canada’s Federal Emissions Reduction Plan: Real-World Efficacy & Results

CUTRIC’s Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Committee is a national forum for CUTRIC’s members to share up-to-date information and data related to ZEB procurements, deployments, predictive and empirical data and funding and financing options. It will ensure that Canadian transit agencies have access to the highest-quality transit-led ZEB data and ZEB procurement and deployment knowledge across Canada and the United States. This Committee reports to CUTRIC’s Board of Directors and is chaired by Erin Cooke of Winnipeg Transit.

The ZEB Committee will help Canada achieve 5,000 ZEBs by 2026 by supporting knowledge and experience sharing related to ZEB procurements and deployments.

The ZEB Committee will provide regular feedback and insight for policy leadership, as well as guidance to the federal Canada Infrastructure Bank, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Ministry of Industry, Science and Innovation, Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities, Ministry of Natural Resources Canada, and Ministry of Transportation

This session explores the practical impact and outcomes of Canada’s Federal Emissions Reduction Plan, with a specific focus on its application within ZEB sector. The discussion will center around an analysis of a ZEB aligned with the Emissions Reduction Plan, mapping its contributions and results. Key elements of the plan, such as the Clean Fuel Standard, the Zero-Emission Transit Fund (ZETF), EV incentives, and oil and gas caps, will be scrutinized to assess their real-world efficacy. The aim is to provide an understanding of how these federal initiatives translate into tangible environmental benefits and operational changes in the context of public transit.

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  • Time : 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (UTC+0)
  • Reg. Deadline : 12:00 pm
  • Venue : Virtual

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