CUTRIC provides physics, engineering, mathematical, economic, and sociological consulting services. Below are some of the tools and services that CUTRIC offers to its Members and external clients.

RoutΣ.iTM 2.0

Over the past five years, CUTRIC and its Member organizations have invested millions of dollars into the development of in-house physics-based modelling tools that enable the accurate and precise fleet-based simulation of battery electric buses (BEBs), fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) and electric low-speed autonomous shuttles (e-LSAs) for first kilometre/last kilometre solutions. The tool that captures this work is called RoutΣ.i™ and it is available to our Members at a Membership rate, and to non-Members at a regular market rate. CUTRIC’s RoutΣ.i™ specialist team, composed of GIS analysts, mathematicians, physicists, engineers and interdisciplinary project managers, help our transit agency and city Members and clients define their modelling needs, capture the correct input data, run the simulation tool, and present and define the outcomes of the research work. 

Consultation Sessions: Focus Group, SWOT & PESTEL

CUTRIC specializes in designing, running, collecting the data and analysing results emanating from consultation sessions that are dedicated to gaining industry and stakeholder insights allied to the fields of low-carbon smart mobility innovation. Focus group consultation contracts that CUTRIC has completed in the recent past include Transport Canada-funded rail innovation consultation sessions to generate a Top 10 Rail Innovation Projects across Canada, 2019-20), a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Electric Fleet Best Practices consultation session focusing on transit electrification opportunities, challenges and solutions, and Toronto Region Board of Trade SWOT & PESTEL consultation sessions focusing on strategic opportunities and challenges associated with autonomous and connected vehicles in the City of Toronto.

CUTRIC welcomes new consultation contracts on an ongoing basis. Please contact our Project Managers with your requests today:

Parvathy Pillai: Project Manager: ZEB Simulation & Commercialization (parvathy.pillai[at]

Aditya Ramesh: Project Manager: Electric Bus & Coach Bus (aditya.ramesh[at]