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RoutΣ.i™ Capabilities

RoutΣ.i™ 2.0 provides accurate, science based and neutral research and feasibility analysis.
You can download our full list of capabilities here.

Zero Emissions

Bus or transit lifestyle assessment


Cost Analysis

Feasibility and cost analysis


Schedule Analysis

Comprehensive transit or public fleet schedule analysis


Greenhouse Gas Analysis

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction analysis


Strategy & Planning

Zero emission transit roll out strategy
and planning


Performance Analysis

Predictive performance modelling
and analysis

Past Conferences

28 NOVEMBER 2022

Annual Low Carbon Smart Mobility & Smart Rail Technology Conference 2022

As CUTRIC moves back to in-person conferences, we are hosting our first ever combined Low Carbon Smart Mobility and Smart Rail Technology Conference in Toronto this fall. We have a robust, 5-day agenda exploring the latest technologies in Low Carbon Smart Mobility and Rail Innovations in Canada and around the world.

29 March 2021

Annual Zero Emission Bus Technology & Transit Operations Conference

The Zero Emission Bus Technologies and Transit Operations Conference focuses on the newest technology for zero-emission buses, including battery electric buses (BEB), hydrogen fuel cell electric buses (FCEB) and compressed natural gas buses powered by renewable natural gas (RNG). This conference defines “ZEB” as including zero-emissions out of the tailpipe and over the lifecycle of […]


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16 June 2021

Annual Low Carbon Smart Mobility Conference

The Low Carbon Smart Mobility Technology Conference provides insight into the most cutting edge low-carbon smart mobility technology in the world, while  offering solutions for the major challenges we face in this sector today.

30 November 2021

Annual Smart Rail Technology Conference

The Smart Rail Technology Conference brings together industry experts, business leaders, political representatives and decision-makers on the critical topics defining Canada’s rail future. Topics include electrification, autonomy and connectivity, light rail transit solutions, big data analytics, hydrail, and post-pandemic rail recovery and growth.