Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium
Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium
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Non-traditional modes of transportation study

CUTRIC has conducted an in-depth study on non-traditional modes of transportation. This extensive study includes research findings on:



  • Aerial transit systems  
  • Shared micro-mobility
  • Ferries
  • On-Demand Transit
  • Autonomous Shuttles


The study outlines the use-case for each mode, demonstrating how when deployed as part of an integrated transit network, these modes offer great opportunity to enhance transit performance and improve rider experience. The study identifies advantages and disadvantages associated with new mobility technologies, implementation considerations, infrastructure requirements and potential funding, financing and revenue-generating models associated with each mode of mobility.



This study was sponsored by the Canada Infrastructure Bank with the aim to enhance knowledge across the sector of non-traditional modes of transit as an effective option for infrastructure investment.


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