ZEB Simulation Team Lead

Job Posting Deadline: April 30, 2020

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Hours: Full-time; 40 hours per week

Position Overview

The Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) is currently seeking a Zero-Emissions Bus (ZEB) Simulation Team Lead to lead a dynamic group of researchers involved in ZEB performance modelling to aid cities and transit agencies across Canada and the U.S. plan their fleet electrification.

About CUTRIC’s Culture

CUTRIC is a highly dynamic and fast-paced innovation consortium focusing on technology championship. Despite being a not-for-profit, the team culture operates along the lines of a fast-paced (frequently high-pressure) start-up technology company.

CUTRIC team members are interdisciplinary, widely knowledgeable, science- and technology-driven, and passionate about the environment and mobility innovation.

CUTRIC welcomes and supports diversity in the workplace because we believe it makes us stronger and smarter. Candidates with diverse experiences and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Role Responsibilities

Research and Modelling

  1. Ensure the completion of RoutΣ.i™ deliverables and contracted requirements per project using best practices in project management protocols.
    1. Serve as the lead data scientist generating quantitative energy consumption, energy pricing and transit scheduling outputs across the team by performing direct research tasks, as well as collating team-based results and analyzing team-based results in a critical fashion to identify errors, gaps and areas for improvement in CUTRIC’s simulation work outputs and products.
    2. Coordinate the CUTRIC modelling team to prepare deliverables ensuring accuracy and timeliness, including impeccable English prose in written report submission.
    3. Prepare reports and presentations per the needs of the project and work with the team to ensure client-ready products are delivered to the ZEB Project Manager for review and reporting to the CEO and client.
  2. Report to the Project Manager: ZEB Simulation & Commercialization on deliverables initiation, completion, challenges, and mitigation strategies.
  3. Support the management of the RoutΣ.i™ research team by serving as a Team Lead using best practices in project management protocols.
    1. Distribute research tasks among modelling team members and coordinate across team member domains of expertise. 
    2. Design project scopes and timelines for deliverables, including staff-specific task allocations, to ensure multiple projects can progress in parallel and on time.
    3. Report to the ZEB Project Manager regularly and in a structured format.
    4. Communicate clearly, openly and transparently with the ZEB Project Manager to report on progress, challenges and mitigation solutions on a regular basis.
    5. Identify skills gaps on the team, as well as skills-building solutions.
  4. Provide regular (bi-weekly) updates to the Project Manager: ZEB Simulation & Commercialization on the progress of projects.
    1. Provide daily updates to the Project Manager: ZEB Simulation & Commercialization on the progress of projects during times of risk mitigation or strategic course correction.
  5. Liaise directly with client stakeholders in matters and questions of data collection, data querying, and data analysis during project completion periods (e.g. regarding specific detailed information, such as bus parameters, electricity bills and other data).
  6. Liaise directly with manufacturers and CUTRIC members and partners to collect technical specifications that feed in to modelling and simulation studies on a quarterly (minimum) or more frequent basis if and when needed. 

General Responsibilities

  1. Support the positive branding and reputational growth of CUTRIC nationally and internationally.

Required Competencies 

  1. Fluent English language skills required in written and spoken form.
    1. Fluency in French is considered a highly-valuable asset. 
  2. Demonstration of a high-level of attention to detail and precision.
  3. Demonstration of a high-level of commitment to professionalism in written, verbal and in-person contexts.
  4. Demonstration of a high-level of commitment to confidentiality and non-disclosure respect for the concept of privacy within a corporation.
  5. Demonstration of a high-level of competency with audio-visual technologies and technical as well as communications software (e.g. GitHub or Zoom Communications tools) with an ability to troubleshoot in real-time during multi-stakeholder meetings.
  6. Strong teamwork ethic.
    1. Commitment to working with team members locally and digitally across the country.
  7. High degree of adaptability to work under pressure in a dynamic work environment
  8. A positive attitude and willingness to think creatively and innovatively to resolve problems and overcome challenges.
  9. A leadership mindset and proactive dynamism in problem-solving.
  10. A strong focus on time efficiency and waste reduction (in time and resources) to achieve deliverables.
  11. Demonstrated commitment to climate change action and an interest in sustainability in transportation.
  12. Expressed interest in working in a small company with a highly diverse workplace – including gender, racial and religious diversity.

Required & Preferred Education and Experience

  1. At least three (3) years of full-time work experience in computer programming/coding, specifically in Python relating to vehicle performance and energy modelling, preferably for heavy-duty vehicles (e.g., transit buses, coach buses, trucks etc.)
  2. Minimum Master’s degree in electrical engineering or allied field (e.g. mechanical engineering with a focus on electrified propulsion systems) with a strong background in computer coding, or a Bachelor’s degree in the same or similar fields with additional years of proven experience in industry.
  3. Evidence of PMI recognized project management training and at least one year of full-time project management experience
  4. Evidence of an interest in lifelong learning.


$72,000 – $80,000 based upon years of experience and skills sets.

How to Apply

Candidate applications should include:

  1. Covering letter describing suitability for the posting.
  2. Resume or CV.
  3. List of three references (including name, position, contact information, and length of knowledge and relationship to the candidate).

Candidate applications should be submitted to hr-rh[at]cutric-crituc.org by April 30, 2020.