Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer

Government and Public Relations – Full Time

Position Overview

The Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) is currently seeking to hire a Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer to work with our dynamic national team involved in the pursuit of low-carbon smart mobility technologies with Members across Canada and the United States.


Anywhere in Canada.

CUTRIC’s team has always been highly digital in nature.

Due to COVID19, CUTRIC has made the decision to work remotely and support work-from-home arrangements with all employees until December 2022, at least. The only exception to this rule may be bi-annual CUTRIC staff professional development “retreats”, which may require travel to Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver when it is safe to do so.

Therefore, the Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer may be located anywhere in Canada as long as the candidate has continual or reasonably frequent access to high fidelity internet as 100 per cent of CUTRIC’s daily business activities are carried out digitally – including video-based digital meetings, which require high fidelity Wi-Fi.

About CUTRIC’s Culture

CUTRIC is a highly dynamic and fast-paced innovation consortium focusing on technology championship. Despite being a not-for-profit, the team culture operates along the lines of a fast-paced (frequently high-pressure) start-up technology company.

CUTRIC team members are interdisciplinary, widely knowledgeable, science- and technology-driven, and passionate about the environment and mobility innovation.

CUTRIC welcomes and supports diversity in the workplace because we believe it makes us stronger and smarter. Candidates with diverse experiences and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Women, Indigenous people, candidates who identify as non-binary, and candidates who identify as visible minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Role Summary

The Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer will grow to be an integral team member of CUTRIC’s public relations and marketing team.

The Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer will need to become familiar with all of CUTRIC’s public relations and marketing efforts, and will liaise with CUTRIC’s team members across Canada, in English and/or French, to undertake coordination activities as required.

The Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer will be expected to communicate openly, regularly, professionally, and transparently with colleagues and external stakeholders on a regular basis to develop positive member and stakeholder relations over the long-term.


CUTRIC actively pursues diversity within its employment framework. Women, people who identify as women, transgendered people, and people who identify as a non-binary gender are strongly encouraged to apply.

Role & Responsibilities

The Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer will be expected to carry out the following tasks in a highly independent, accountable, professional and responsible manner:


  • Draft press releases for CUTRIC project announcements, contracts, MOU partnerships, and other events/initiatives.
  • Draft Opinion Pieces for CUTRIC and the President & C.E.O.
  • Draft and edit public facing documents, including member-related information, project-related documents and CEO-related documents.
  • Draft and coordinate CUTRIC’s eblast and newsletter content, including inserting content into CRM tool
  • Draft and coordinate social media calendar, post on CUTRIC’s platforms and monitor each platform for engagement.
  • Draft and/or edit public-facing and plain language executive summaries for technical reports that CUTRIC produces as part of its Knowledge Series.
  • Draft plain language conference panel descriptions and questions for speakers for CUTRIC’s technical conferences that appeal to a mass audience.


  • Coordinate and maintain registries and deliverables associated with CUTRIC’s national Public Relations Strategy, including its social media (Twitter, LinkedIn), video media (e.g., YouTube) and website strategy.
  • Maintain and update communications registers in Smartsheets (project management software platform).
  • Maintain and update marketing & advertising materials within marketing collateral registry.
  • Maintain and update advertising content registries (videos, photos, infographics etc.).
  • Maintain and update advertising calendar.
  • Maintain membership communications information database.
  • Gather collateral (e.g., video footage, photos, logos, etc.) from members and clients.
  • Assist with and coordinate CUTRIC podcast tasks.
  • Liaise with and coordinate deliverables with external graphic designer(s) on ongoing design jobs
  • Update CUTRIC’s “Public Relations Priorities Calendar”.
  • Update and maintain CUTRIC communications lists in its client relations management software platform, Hubspot.
  • Coordinate activities related to the creation of commercials and other video content for public or government relations purposes.
  • Coordinate public and government relations content on CUTRIC’s website.
  • Coordinate member and client assessments/surveys of assessing “website user experience” as part of CUTRIC’s ongoing efforts to review and improve on its website offerings and website presence.

Public Relations & Social Media Analytics

  • Analyze CUTRIC’s social media data using usage data from CUTRIC’s social media and website platforms.
  • Run regular website analytics to track key information required as part of CUTRIC’s business growth objectives.
  • Create bi-monthly social media analytics reports using usage data from CUTRIC’s social media and website platforms.
  • Analyze CUTRIC’s news media presence by using data from CUTRIC’s Meltwater database (i.e., news media and press release databases).
  • Create bi-monthly media reports using Meltwater.
  • Analyze CUTRIC’s event platform usage data by using data from CUTRIC’s event hosting platforms (e.g., Bizzabo and Zoom events).
  • Create conference and event-related analytic reports from event-hosting platforms
  • Create sponsor reports documenting attendance and engagement of participants at CUTRIC events in sponsored sessions or during sponsored content segments.
  • Analyze CUTRIC’s advertising success data by using Google analytics and other advertising data (such as click-through and conversion rates) obtained from CUTRIC’s advertising platforms and digital paid advertisements.
  • Create bi-monthly advertising analytics reports.
  • Create regular public relations reports for CUTRIC Members’ Meetings and Board of Directors meetings.

Critical Skills, Competencies and Educational Requirements

The Communications & Social Media Analytics Officer will be expected to have the following skills, competencies, and educational achievements:


  • Fluent English language skills required in written and spoken form.
  • Fluency in French is considered a highly valuable asset.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s, college degree or relevant post-secondary education from a recognized institution.
  • Minimum two (2) years of industry or working experience in a communications role.
  • High-level competency with audio-visual technologies, social platforms, analytic platforms and technical as well as communications software (e.g., Zoom communications tools, HubSpot sales software, Meltwater, LinkedIn, Twitter) with an ability to troubleshoot in real-time during multi-stakeholder meetings.
  • Advanced level of attention to detail and precision.
  • Commitment to confidentiality and non-disclosure respect for the concept of privacy within a corporation.
  • Professionalism in written, verbal and in-person contexts.
  • Strong teamwork ethic and commitment to working with team members locally and digitally across the country.
  • High degree of adaptability to work under pressure in a dynamic work environment.
  • Positive attitude and willingness to think creatively and innovatively to resolve problems and overcome challenges.
  • Leadership mindset and proactive dynamism in problem-solving.
  • Strong focus on time efficiency and waste reduction (in time and resources) to achieve deliverables.
  • Commitment to climate change action and an interest in sustainability in transportation.
  • Expressed interest in working in a small company with a highly diverse workplace, including gender, racial and religious diversity.
  • Evidence of an interest in lifelong learning.
  • Demonstrated interest in acquiring project management knowledge.


  • 2-3 years of experience in transit mobility or environmental sector.
  • Experience working within a small to mid-sized business/enterprise environment.
  • Ability to juggle several files at once in a highly organized and competent fashion.
  • Commitment to documenting actions and documenting follow through commitments and deliverable completion.
  • Strong work ethic and the pursuit of excellence in professional or personal life.

Salary Range

$60,000 – $65,000 depending on education, experience and aptitude.

Application Deadline

September 19th, 2021.

How to apply?

Apply online.

Candidates must ensure their Cover Letter refers to this specific job posting, and that it addresses the “Minimal” skills listed above. Cover Letters should not be more than two pages single spaced (or 600 words maximum).

Candidates must ensure their curriculum vitae/resume and cover letter both demonstrate how the candidate meets the minimum skills and competencies required for this position.