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Burlington Transit Zero Emission Bus Feasibility Analysis


In 2020, CUTRIC secured funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to conduct a comprehensive study for Burlington Transit. This study focused on modeling the entire fleet, utilizing block-based analysis. Key components of the project included a thorough review of zero-emission bus technology, GIS modeling, duty cycle analysis, and energy consumption analysis. Ultimately, the study produced a comprehensive report that simulated the operations of fuel-cell electric buses on Burlington Transit’s existing routes and blocks. The primary objective was to assess the techno-economic aspects and life-cycle emissions associated with transitioning Burlington Transit’s fleet to fuel-cell electric buses (FCEBs).

The study revealed that implementing zero-emission buses in Burlington could potentially achieve an annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction of approximately 74 to 79 percent. This highlights the significant environmental benefits of adopting zero-emission bus technology.



In 2022, CUTRIC furthered their research efforts by conducting predictive performance modeling of Electric Low Speed Autonomous Shuttles (e-LSA).



The electrification of Burlington Transit’s fleet continues through an investment from Infrastrcuture Canada through the Zero Emission Transit Fund.

Through this investment, the City of Burlington will complete planning activities such as feasibility, implementation and market studies to support the future procurement and deployment of zero emission buses and related infrastructure by Burlington Transit. This project is facilitated through the
Canadian Urban Transit Zero Emission Bus Joint Procurement Initiative (CUTZEB), along with London Transit. CUTZEB supports public transit agencies in the procurement of turn-key emission transit technologies. 

A joint investment of $465 200 will support planning activities for Burlington’s transition to zero emission buses.


About Burlington Transit:

Burlington Transit currently operates a fleet of 63 conventional vehicles and 13 specialized vehicles across 16 routes and four terminals. Annually, they provide approximately 1.56 million trips, with plans to increase ridership to over 2.9 million by 2024.


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