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Brampton Transit Zero Emission Bus Implementation Strategy and Rollout Plan


CUTRIC conducted a comprehensive full-fleet predictive modelling project for Brampton Transit that included both block-based and route-based data. The performance simulation of both battery electric buses (BEBs) and fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) considered specific features of the transit system such as ridership, topography, and schedule. The work also considered various operational configurations and charging strategies, along with the impact of diesel-powered heaters and battery health gradient. The impact assessment of these varied operational conditions and cost considerations along with the GHG emission reduction potential will enable Brampton Transit to advance in their fleet electrification pathway.


CUTRIC used the physics-based, empirically validated RoutΣ.i™ 3.0 modelling toolset for this project. 



CUTRIC worked with Brampton Transit to conduct a full fleet Zero Emission Bus implementation and rollout plan.


This project includes a comprehensive, full fleet and low carbon fleet transition plan for Brampton Transit across economic, technological, environmental, social and policy considerations. 


This study will provide Brampton Transit with an holistic overview of the reccomendations for a full fleet battery electric bus rollout strategy and the associated costs and infrastrcuture needs. 


This $1.1 million project is partically funded by Infrastructure Canada through the Zero Emission Transit Fund. 



The project presented three scenarios, comparing costs, lifecycle emissions, infrastructure requirements, and feasibility. The study outcome recommends that Brampton Transit adopts a mixed fleet approach, utilizing both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell bus technologies and infrastructure.




About Brampton Transit 

Brampton Transit is a technology-driven, community-focused and environmentally committed transit agency that trailblazes in the decarbonization pathway utilizing CUTRIC’s advanced, evidence-based analytics to transition to zero-emission. 


Brampton Transit has a long history of working towards an environmentally sustainable transit service. As the transportation sector is a significant contributor of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, electrification of the Brampton Transit fleet represents a substantial step towards meeting the federal government’s 2050 emissions targets. Additional targets established by the City of Brampton (City) and provincial government provide a foundation for Brampton Transit to move towards fleet electrification.


Brampton Transit is the public transit service for the City of Brampton (City). Brampton Transit has been in business since 1976 and operates 74 routes that connect Brampton to its neighbouring municipalities. In 2010, Brampton Transit launched a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, branded Züm, which provides limited-stop service along major service corridors throughout Brampton [1]. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Brampton Transit provided more than 31 million rides annually.


CUTRIC is proud to continue to support Brampton Transit in planning its transition to zero-emissions through the ZEB Implementation Strategy and Rollout Plan that brings the merits of predictive performance modelling, empirical data analytics and robust business casing to enable the development of a highly comprehensive planning project. Being the country’s most comprehensive ZEB implementation planning project, this initiative considers all aspects of zero emissions from energy management, technological evolution and its impacts, environmental merits and sustainability, economic considerations and community benefits.


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