CUTRIC members must join the consortium as paid members if they wish to influence the nature of research and development projects the organization undertakes to design, co-fund, or initiate. CUTRIC Membership is valid from January 1 - December 31 of each calendar year.


  1. Join technology innovation and commercial trial technical planning sessions nationally; gain access to all reports from previous technical planning sessions; gain access to joint funding of R&D projects with provincial co-investment;

  2. Join CUTRIC lobby days and innovation forums targeting governments to create R&D funding pools in the future to support low-carbon smart mobility innovation projects;

  3. Join CUTRIC's national outreach and lobby efforts with the Government of Canada to support widespread co-funding of national low-carbon smart mobility projects;

  4. Vote at CUTRIC membership meetings;

  5. Seek nomination to the CUTRIC Board of Directors.


CUTRIC Membership rates (2019)

We are pleased to announce that the new 2019 Membership Fee Tier Structure has been approved by the CUTRIC Board of Directors. Please see below for the updated revisions and details.


As part of our Academic Member Value Initiative at CUTRIC, the Academic fee structure has been modified to bring more value to our Academic Members based on the dynamic size and capacity of the institution. Academic Members will benefit from a significant drop in membership dues for the 2019 Membership year.


Current Members (2018) of CUTRIC will continue to benefit from 2018 rates on the basis that renewal invoices are paid by the invoice due date, February 28th 2019. After February 28th 2019, unpaid invoices will be revised and reissued at 2019 fee rates.

New members joining for the first time in 2019 will be structured into the new 2019 Membership rate system, unless pre-confirmed at 2018 rates in the form of a signed Letter of Membership Support by December 31st 2018.  

NEW MEMBER CATEGORY! INDUSTRY CONSULTANCY & CONSTRUCTION (For Non-Technology Developer, Non-Manufacturer, or Non-Integrator Roles)

CUTRIC has approved a new Member category for “Consultancy & Construction”, which applies to companies joining CUTRIC specifically joining to support CUTRIC’s “Innovation P3” effort and/or allied strategic planning around financing of e-buses, fuel cell buses, or smart vehicles in the future.  Members that wish to support IP development, benefit from R&D funding, or obtain sales of products or services within a given project will be classified as traditional “Industry” partners.

Please contact Adriana Shu-Yin <> for further details or if you have any questions about your corporations tier category.

2019 Membership Tier structure (active)

Updated 2019 Membership Tier Structure.png

2018 Membership TIER Structure (inactive)

If your organization wishes to learn more about becoming a CUTRIC member, please fill out the form below:

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Contact Person's Phone Number

Current members include: