+ Is there a timeline to apply for funding?

CUTRIC accepts application on a rolling basis.

+ What if we do not have two industry and academic members?

CUTRIC could facilitate introducing current members to project partners by setting up a webinar to help recruit members who are interested in the project.

+ What are the chances for CUTRIC funding approval?

Funding approval depends on the review carried out by CUTRIC’s Scientific and Technical Committee. Since, CUTRIC works with the proponent to improve the application both at the NOI and FFA stages, at present 100% of CUTRIC applications are approved for funding

CUTRIC does not own the IP. We ask that the project partners write a general IP agreement. Usually it is the Universities who take the lead in drawing up IP agreements.

+ Can an industry member be a corporation based outside of Canada?

Industry members can be a corporation based outside Canada but these corporations must have a Canadian footprint. Since CUTRIC utilizes Ontario public funding to support projects, industry members must have an Ontarian footprint so that projects can lead to Ontario job growth.

+ What if the proponent does not win the federal money?

We can’t deliver the fund; however, we hold it for ONE year while the proponent applies for the other federal funding sources.