POLICY: Gender Parity Policy


To educate, inform, and provide the parameters for CUTRIC staff, board members, reviewers and project applicants towards the goal of achieving gender parity throughout CUTRIC's operations and governance structure.


Over the past ten years, Canada has fallen in its commitment to gender equality. Whereas previously Canada was a leader, the country now lags in the United Nations Gender Inequality Index at 23rd. Canada's Economic Action Plan 2012 announced the creation of an Advisory Council of leaders from the private and public sectors to develop recommendations aimed at promoting the participation of women on corporate boards. Specifically, the Advisory Council was mandated to “provide advice on how industry and business can increase women’s representation on corporate boards; suggest how industry, business and government can track and measure progress, and what tools government should employ to achieve this goal; and make recommendations on how government could recognize leaders in industry and business and applaud companies that have succeeded in recruiting more women to their boards”.

Canadian companies and organizations must bring gender equality to the forefront in their operational priorities.

CUTRIC has a role to play in this mandate. With an objective to support industry-academic collaborations in the development of next generation technologies for Canadian transit, transportation and integrated mobility, gender equality is a crucial tool to utilize in judging the merits of an organization and of a project proposal.

CUTRIC seeks to ensure women, men and transgendered individuals are trained and skilled in technology areas that will shape the 21st century. 


CUTRIC leadership will prioritize gender equality in the composition of the Board of Directors.

CUTRIC will develop a proactive plan to carry out gender parity at the board level. This will manifest in a tangible scheme to implement gender equal and merit based selection reflected in the organization’s Bylaw.

CUTRIC’s leadership will promote gender equality throughout the organization’s operations by encouraging member organizations to follow its lead in seeking gender parity internally within project proposals and institutional operations. This includes assessing CUTRIC proposed projects through a gender parity lens to determine whether organizations are socially or inequitably limiting women’s advancement in STEM technology areas.

Research projects and research teams funded by CUTRIC will seek to actively overcome the social and professional barriers that have prevented women from advancing to occupy 50% of leadership roles in technology companies and in academic institutions.

CUTRIC will promote women’s participation in the transportation sector (including automotive, rail, bus, and allied integrated mobility sectors), which has been traditionally underrepresented by women.

CUTRIC will encourage women's involvement in innovation of new technologies related to advanced, zero- and low-emissions, light-weight, digitally connected, data driven and cyber-secure transit, transportation and integrated mobility innovations.

CUTRIC will establish an evaluation structure to revisit its success in bringing gender parity to the CUTRIC Board of Directors as well as its broader operations on an annual basis, or more frequently if need be.

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